Welcome Message

28 th ISCP Annual Scientific Meeting, Seoul, S. Korea
Conjunction with KSCP and KSCVP meeting

It is our great privilege and pleasure to cordially invite all of you to our upcoming 28th ISCP 2023 Seoul.
This ISCP 2023 Seoul will be held in Conrad Seoul, S. Korea, from 23 November to 25 November 2023.
The great event is jointly organized by ISCP (International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy), KSCVP (Korean Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy),
and KSCP (Korean Society of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention) When we look back on the past, we have faced the toughest challenges in the moment
of COVID19 since 2020. However, while we fight against the COVID19, we are not only becoming stronger but more resilient.
The organizing committee has decided to hold ISCP 2023 Seoul in a hybrid format both in-person and online meetings.
ISCP 2023 Seoul will provide key insight, practice-changing updates, and cutting-edge educational content with outstanding world-class professionals.
It brings together key stakeholders in all areas of cardiovascular pharmacotherapies, cardiovascular disease prevention, and better patient care. It is our pride,
privilege, and pleasure to keep highly educational communications transpiring through ISCP 2023 Seoul.

As the hosting co-president of ISCP 2023 Seoul, we eagerly anticipate this meeting to be the greatest academic experience you’ve ever had the pleasure to take part in.
We would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all of your attendance and continued support. We look forward to seeing you all at ISCP 2023 Seoul in November 2023.
Thank you all very much.